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Author:  Jeffrey Boothe
E-mail:  haveguitarz@peoplepc.com
Date:  10/18/2007 8:07:54 PM
Subject:  1st M Newbury song I heard
Message:  I was watching Nashville Now I had heard of Mickey through some of my other fave songwriters i/e John Prine,Jerry Jeff Walker,Waylon"Watasha" Jennings etc.Then I heard "I wish I was a Willow Tree leanin on a lazy breeze,movin like a midnight train thru rainy Georgia, Willow Tree is strong enough to bend,never like the Oak that lives in fear of the wind Oh a grain of sand is all I ever waqnted to be,lay me down and let the water wash over me wash over me" Man that was it I was hooked.What genius,I have treasured [and learned to play and sing]every M Newbury song I could get my hands on.I finally moved into the 21st century and bought a computer.It was a good move I just ordered 2 cds and can't wait to hear them.I know in my heart that The Good LORD had a special room in his Mansion for Mickey.I'm just a country boy from the Blue Ridge Mts of Virginia but I'm sure'"The Man"visits that particular room often and sends the Angels there to hear his classical guitar and "Angelic" voice.He will live forever through his poetic genius.He is sorely missed by anyone who he touched through his songs.

 1st M Newbury song I heard by Jeffrey Boothe  at 10/18/2007 8:07:54 PM
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