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Author:  Susie G
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Date:  12/25/2003 2:26:13 AM
Subject:  Christmas Memories
Message:      What is the
Enchantment of Christmas?

What is a memory?
    A scent.... a fleeting image..... the warmth of a familiar touch..... a haunting melody.

What is Christmas?
    The happy association of memories... the tantilizing aroma of roast turky or rum soaked fruit cake... the glow of moon light on a snow covered hillside... the feverish grasp of a sticky little hand on Christmas morning... and Silent night, The First Noel, and Rudolf the Rednosed Reindeer... Can one conjur up recollections of Christmas and seem to smell these scents or at least hear a few bars of these songs here or there?

    For those whose memories of Christmas are rich with the images of the frosty, nose reddening, mulled cider season. For others the meaning of Christmas lies in the traditional holy theme. And thoughts that serve as gentle nostalgic ties.....

Added together they all form

The Enchantment of Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all of you...and much love
Susie G and Tim

 Christmas Memories by Susie G at 12/25/2003 2:26:13 AM