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Author:  Gloria Comingore
E-mail:  gjcomingore@yahoo.com
Date:  10/8/2007 12:50:28 PM
Subject:  Re: Mamie's Sister
Message:  Dearest Miss Mamie,
I wish we could all just give you one big group hug! However when things get me down, I pray and this is one that has gotten me through a whole lot through the years. Sometimes it's just hard to understand how or why things happen in the order that they do, and we just wonder why our lives are so out of control.

Father, can you hear me?
Father, can you see me?
Father, can you help me through this night?

Father, are you with me?
I look up at the sky, and wonder why, I feel so alone now.
Father, will you help me, I’m afraid to close my eyes?

Father, if I sleep now, will you be watching over me this night?

Father, the world I see is so much larger, than I remember when you were with me.

Father, can you help me, stand own my own once more?

I’m on my knees, looking at the sky, looking for your eyes.

I’ve lost my way, Lord, I pray for your guidance once more.
Father, what was my will, Lord, it was not yours.

Father, as I pray for your will, please come and show me the way, dear Lord I pray.


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