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Author:  larry larry
E-mail:  not available
Date:  10/2/2007 4:00:15 PM
Subject:  Re: I'm published!
Message:  Ok, I'll be the stick in the mud. Watch out for those people Gloria. I've seen people pay dearly for the silver bowl that they have won. I told my local newspaper about them when they kept doing articles about people in Huntsville that had won the contest that they put on. They finally quit doing any articles on it.

Just about anybody that sends something in is a WINNER! Try it sometime. Send in a horrible poem and see if they still think you're fabulous. You are a great writer but I don't want to see you get sucked into things like taking your hard earned money and going to the awards presentations only to come home empty handed and dissapointed. I'll bet they wanted you to pay for the book that your poem was in to, didn't they. Several times they have contacted me about poems I've submitted and how great they were and how they want to put it in there book and if I wanted a copy all I had to do was send 8 million dollars and they would send me one. I still have poems on that site. I'll bet they wanted you to come out to California for the presentation of the awards, with some big name celebrety doing the presenting.

The only thing good about Poetry.com is they have a site to help you find a word that rhymes with a word you can't come up with a rhyme for.

Your friend, the grinch, LL

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