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Author:  Gary Lake
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Date:  10/1/2007 1:30:03 AM
Subject:  JonMark Stone
Message:  JonMark just finished 3 engagements here in Pensacola. Friday night he gave a house concert at our house. It was an intimate crowd of about 30 people that thoroughly enjoyed listeming to JM and Mickeys music. Gathering VII folks that attended were Lin and I, Larry and Gale Book, Capt. Andy and Cindy Olsen, Charlie Baucom and Loretta, Linda and Paul Ponder, Dan and Merrie Henderson, and Damien Lamb

On Saturday, he played the internatinally famous FloraBama and was joined by Zack Thomas (hell of a lead guitar). Damien Lamb joined in for half a dozen songs.

Sunday evening, JonMark and Zack played out at Pirates Cove. The first set included Patrick, an outstanding flutist.

JonMark played three entirely different types of venues and displayed his professionalism by adapting and WOWING the crowd at each one.

Lin and I want to thank JM for coming down to do our house party (fund raiser for our Optimist Club) and for being such a wonderful house guest.
Our door is forever open to his shadow. Roy Stamps offered to contribute $40 if Larry Larry would kick in the same. That's like 10 half gallons of Bluebell. Lets see what LL is made of!!!!

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