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Author:  Mamie
E-mail:  jerrynewbury@webtv.net
Date:  12/22/2003 2:14:10 PM
Subject:  Visit
Message:  For those of you that didn't attend the party yesterday, Sunday, you missed a treat. The hamburgers that LL furnished were delish! And the people were wonderful. For those of you who had to leave early: you missed a good concert delivered by Cowboy. What a talent. I know you heard the cd, but the live concert was, to say the least, GREAT. Also, I wanted to say, that someone left their glasses, AND I think the camera belonged to COwboy's lady, Amanda. What a jewel. For all of you, thanks for coming. I really enjoyed it. Mamie

 Visit by Mamie  at 12/22/2003 2:14:10 PM
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