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Author:  larry larry
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Date:  9/11/2007 8:58:23 PM
Subject:  They're gone
Message:  Monica, Billy, and Karley, my beautiful grandaughter, who have lived with us for a year while finding a builder and getting a house built are in their house for the first time tonight.

I felt like Archie Bunker, when Gloria, Mike, and the grandson moved to California on the All in the Family show. Only thing is that they're only 3 miles away. It's just that, no longer, will I see Karley come to greet me when I get home from work or no longer will I get to kiss her good night ( except when she spends the night with us) and no longer will she come to my door in the morning calling " Paw, get up. We need to go feed the birdies."

They closed on their house yesterday and when they first got to the closing Karley told the lady that " We want a house". They had to get her a pen and a piece of paper so she could sign papers like her mother and daddy were doing.

As Mickey said in a song " The silence it is golden but the loneliness so cold."


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