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Author:  Ginny G. for Mamie
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Date:  12/19/2003 4:41:36 AM
Subject:  Prayer Request from Mary Anne for her husband
Message:  Mary Anne Potter has asked for prayers today for her husband Don. Here's her letter. Thanks so much.

Dearest Family and Friends,

I just wanted to send you a reminder to say a prayer or two for Don while he is having his chemotherapy treatment on Friday. Your prayers, thoughts, and good wishes have been most appreciated and needed.

Please pray that the chemotherapy will again be
successful and that Don will once again be able to
withstand all five drugs being administered into his body.

Pray that the one drug that he is most allergic to, Retuxin, will not cause him any harm and that he will be able to take the full dosage of this most important drug.

Pray that Don will not come down with the flu or any other illness that could possibly compromise his body and have devastating effects on him.

Pray that Don will be able to continue working as he has these past five months while he is fighting this terrible enemy. Don has missed work only during the week that he had pneumonia.

Pray that he will be able to stay as positive and
upbeat as he has since he found out he had cancer.
He has not complained even once, but has maintained a spirit of strength, optimism, and hope about his outcome. He said, "I know I will be healed...I just don't know when or where."

Once again, we want to tell you how blessed we are
because of you and the prayers you have said on
Don's behalf. We could not have traveled this journey without the Lord and you by our side. We do not feel alone because you are holding our hand in prayer.
We set out on this journey with an empty suitcase
and God has given us all the things we would need
just as we needed them. This has been and will
continue to be a journey of faith.   

And may you have a most blessed and holy Christmas.

God Bless You-All-Ways...
Mary Anne   

 Prayer Request from Mary Anne for her husband by Ginny G. for Mamie at 12/19/2003 4:41:36 AM
 Re: Prayer Request from Mary Anne for her husband by susie G at 12/19/2003 5:05:04 AM