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Author:  Meeks
E-mail:  congray@peoplepc.com
Date:  8/25/2007 10:09:03 PM
Subject:  Re: 40 Year Anniversary Edition
Message:  Doug and Bob, I think maybe both of your are right, mostly.

I really don't think a combo of LLR and FMJ sould diminish sales of the box set. I think some might buy the dual set where they aren't able or inclined to drop for the box set. I know that was my experience in my store here. I haven't sold any box sets. I really think Bob is right about the cost / return/ aspect but I think a duo set would possibly (?) bring more new fans to our door. I think Mickey, if he could vote, would say 'let's go for it' and I think he was more interested in reaching new people than he was in getting their money.

Truth is, I suspect almost all sales of a duo set would be to existing fans. Yeah, I alreadky have LLR and FMJ, many copies and many formats of each and maybe some versions that others don't have, but I'll jump at the chance to buy the duo. Matter of fact, consider this my order for a set.

That's my last word on the matter.

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