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Author:  Joe Z
E-mail:  not available
Date:  8/24/2007 5:58:21 PM
Subject:  Re: 40 Year Anniversary Edition
I'd like to see a re-release of Mickey's Cinderella Studio albums, consisting of LLR, FMJ and Heaven Help The Child. This ultimate trilogy collection could be released as a box set with an informative booklet.

From C&S:


Commensurate with target marketing and audience receptivity, initial exposure for the Cinderella trilogy of albums came from underground FM stations, rather than country media. Former Rolling Stone Editor, Ben Fong-Torres remembered, “Mickey Newbury was a favorite, not only of mine... but at free-form stations around the country.” Writer George Lewis offered an insightful précis, “Given the stunningly original songs that this trilogy of albums contains, it is perhaps understandable that they were far too innovative for the record (and traditional broadcast) industry to successfully handle at that time.” And Mickey as usual gave credit where due: “Prior to me or anyone else, Dylan had written long songs that received no airplay, but could not be ignored. Underground radio was born, opening a door for the writer refusing to be constrained by the three-minute format. Music was never the same.”     

Though the trilogy of albums is brilliant, no hits were produced for Newbury. The music was too sophisticated, the themes too complex. His writing went beyond universal appeal, and that left few people who could appreciate it. In 1975 he explained to Rich Wiseman of Rolling Stone, “Now I could get a hit single, man... I know so much about this business and I’ve done it for other people. But unfortunately I can’t without compromising myself. ‘Cause I’ll tell you the honest-to-God truth - I’d have my name on less than one percent of the records that go gold. I would love to have a bigger audience. But I can’t bend what I do to reach two million sixteen year-olds.”



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