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Author:  Melissa B.
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Date:  8/18/2007 7:06:26 PM
Subject:  Re: memories of Houston
Message:  Hi Mamie, I live in Austin, South Austin ("God's Country") to be specific. I was born in Houston (St. Joseph Baby Alumni Club, Class of '53). I moved to Austin in March of '88. Yes, I'm familiar with New Caney. I was in Kingwood several weeks ago for a bridal shower, and my best friend's family is from Livingston. (It was her cousin who got married a couple of weeks ago in San Antonio.) Per Mapquest, it was exactly 199 miles from my front door to the home in Kingwood. Man! That was trip, in more ways than one! I'm an old Rock 'n Roller / retired hippie / Love Street Light Circus kinda gal. Gone mainstream -- been working for attorneys for 22+ years. Every once in a while my husband and I get a hankerin for salt water, and we take a day trip down to Clear Lake (where my daughter lives), Kemah, etc. Please tell me about yourself... It seems to me that all of the people who visit the Front Porch are friends and family, and I feel like an eavesdropper! Love, Melissa

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