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Author:  Mike C
E-mail:  mrcrr-1@excite.com
Date:  8/4/2007 5:38:50 PM
Subject:  Re: Ron Lyons

   Our deepest sympathies go out to the Ron
   Lyons family at this sad time.

   Just know that he suffers no more, he is
   at peace and with Mickey and the loved ones
   who went before him, and the Music goes on.

   I got the chance to meet Ron after I met
   Judy and began going to the gatherings.

   It was a real treat indeed to listen to
   his words and what he always had to say.

   He was a very compassionate and nice man.

   I distinctly remember Ron always saying
   hello to me when he saw me or passed me
   in the hallway.

   He was a great asset to our porch family
   and a distinguised radio personality.

   His voice and his part at future gatherings
   will be missed, but his memories and all
   the recordings we have of Ron to listen to
   again and again will remain to cherish and
   for future generations to cherish.

   You are loved,admired, and remembered
   dear friend.

   All our love
   Judy C/Mike C
   Nashville TN



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