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Author:  Laura Shayne
E-mail:  laura.hunsaker@gmail.com
Date:  8/4/2007 1:38:09 PM
Subject:  Re: Ron
Message:  This same picture is hanging downstairs at Ron & Lana's. Leah and I giggled when we saw it. So beautifully 'Ron'...

Got a message from Roy last night. Didn't see it til today. Inside I am aching, but I have a smile on my face. I know where he is, and who he's with, and that's a great comfort.

Spoonful has been waiting for a good radio voice... so I hear. *grin*

We love you Ron.

Sean and Lana, all the comfort and love we can give is flying your way. It's time to mourn now, but a time to heal will be along soon.

Jonmark, please do let us know when arrangements are made. We'd all love to be there.

Laura Shayne & Ryan

 Ron by Toni Jolene at 8/4/2007 8:43:17 AM
 Re: Ron by Laura Shayne  at 8/4/2007 1:38:09 PM