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Author:  Ginny G.
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Date:  8/3/2007 7:43:31 PM
Subject:  Re: Ron Lyons
Message:  I am so very sorry for all the pain and suffering he and his family have gone though, and for you, Jonmark. I know you have been a blessing to him, as you have been to us... keeping us updated as best you could and conveying our love to Ron.

I'm glad he is no longer suffering. My prayers now are for all those who are grieving the most.

I admired Ron so much for his integrity, wisdom and kindness. I was so proud to sit next to him at Gathering 3 while we watched his video presentation about Mickey's life. He was so anxious that the presentation be perfect, and it was. And he was so moved when everyone gave him a standing ovation for his work. I'm sure he felt that way about his CD tribute, too.

I feel very lucky to have known him, even the little bit that I did. I feel certain that the heavens are brighter tonight.

Good night, Ron. We will always miss you.

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