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Author:  larry larry
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Date:  8/1/2007 5:02:38 PM
Subject:  Good night Ron
Message:  I know it's two hours earlier there but if I'm going to get a shower and get in bed with some Blue Bell and watch tv, I have to start shutting down now. Just had some salmon, rice, and spinach. Might have to have an extra bite of BB to wash the spinach down.

Took Suzette's car in for an oil change today and it only cost me $101 after the fuel filter and other junk,with a return trip to get the brakes done Friday for $161. I'm going to have to learn to change the oil myself. That's some expensive crap.

Everything is normal, Roy's a smart *ss, Dave's a jerk, and Doug and Jonmark are still...... uh..... whatever they are.

Wish you could be here this weekend. My neighbor across the street got some fresh peaches off the tree at his dads farm and we're supposed to make some home made peach ice cream. Might even be better than Blue Bell.

Love ya, big guy, LL

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