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Author:  BarbraG
E-mail:  roynnbarb@aol.com
Date:  7/11/2007 11:20:11 PM
Subject:  Re: My Grandaughter
Message:  Larry, You are most richly blessed. I had a really hard time leaving my grandaughter, Ashlyn, who just turned 3 on June 24th. I don't see her that often, and she always just takes to me like a duck to water. She would sit beside me on the couch and sit as close as she could, also. I've written a poem for her, but will hold off posting it for a while 'cause I think I've kinda drowned the porch with my stuff since I started. Karley sounds like a joy, and she's a miracle baby, at that.   Ya'll have a beautiful time with her and give her a hug for me. The hardest part of coming back home from Colorado WAS leaving Ashlyn because the rest of the family are kind of doing their own thing. She, on the other hand, is just at the age to listen to the stuff I have to say and, as her "Nanu", I have a lot to say to her.
She plays me like a finely tuned instrument, and I let her. One day, she'll be too busy to have much to do with me, so I will chase her and love her while I can.
Love to your family.

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