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Author:  Texas Granny
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Date:  7/11/2007 10:53:38 AM
Subject:  Re: The Gathering '07 ??
Message:  All the above and...

Ernie and Laura Shayne's voices blending so beautifully together and the glow on his face when she leaned over and kissed him.

The absolute pleasure of visiting with old friends and feeling as if no time had passed since our last goodbyes, sitting across from them sharing a meal, sitting in the hallway on a rolled up piece of carpet talking until near dawn.

Miss Shirley and I, watching the shows, all comfy in our canvas chairs that we brought from home.

Hearing Chris Newbury for my first time. Looking and sounding like his dad in many ways but his beautiful voice is his own and this is a good thing.

Meeting new friends--Sam from Austria and Sam from South Carolina, Larry T and I discussing the best ways to cook venison...this list could go on all day but I have to stop and get to work.

The music is good...but it is the friendship that brings me back year after year. There is no way to describe the feelings of love that seem to permeate the hallways and meeting rooms. From the moment I picked Doug up at the airport and then pulled up in front of the hotel where we were greeted by Erik from Denmark and Elton and Sallie from Tennessee until the moment when I hugged Mamie and Pete in the hallway outside their room it is just a beautiful feeling. I don't like goodbyes, Miss Mamie said so I did not give her a goodbye hug--it was a "I had a great time hug."   

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