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Author:  Gloria Comingore
E-mail:  gjcomingore@yahoo.com
Date:  7/10/2007 6:06:59 PM
Subject:  Re: Anniversary & Birthday
Message:  Thank you God for Answered Prayers
God I prayed to you 22 years ago.
God you answered my prayer in this way.
A man knocked on my door Lord.
Tells me he is a friend of my room mate.
We got to talking for 18 hours that day Lord.
It seemed to be our first date.
Who’d figured he’d end up being my soul mate.
He was a man with a very cute crooked smile.
His eyes were as green as could be.
Well Lord you know the rest.
We dated and you put us to the test.
Three months later he asked for my hand Lord.
What else could I do Lord, but follow your way.
So I said yes.
God I prayed to you 22 years ago.
Lord they have flown by so fast.
But you know Lord; he’s still my heart and soul.
For you God answered that prayer so long ago.

Dedicated to my husband of 22 years
By: Gloria Comingore

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