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Author:  Gloria Comingore
E-mail:  gjcomingore@yahoo.com
Date:  7/10/2007 12:15:05 PM
Subject:  Introduction
Message:  My name is Gloria Comingore I am a cousin to CW Colt who most of you know through the gathering of Mickey's and as I was able to be with you all through CW's efforts of bring it to the net is how I found Mickey's site and I am hoping you'll all welcome me. I just fell in love with Mickey's music and of all his children and I feel very much at home here.
I am a lyric writer, but have no talent for music and I am hoping someone will want to make a song or two with my words. I feel that Mickey has inspired me through all of his wonderful music.

 Introduction by Gloria Comingore  at 7/10/2007 12:15:05 PM
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