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Author:  Frank Wards
E-mail:  sailat45@aol.com
Date:  7/10/2007 7:20:51 AM
Subject:  Re: I remember when
Message:  Thanks to all of you for the warm welcome. When I posted my experience I was concerned that I would be intruding. A special thanks to Mamie for taking the time to respond, that too has a special meaning.
Mamie, you or may not know that Jimmie is now married and living on Pine Island, St. James City, Fl. He speaks of you from time to time as well as Susan when the subject of Mickey and his music comes up.
I have to admit that I only have one of Mickeys CDs, Lulled By the Moonlight. But the Box set will be in my collection today, I'm going to see Joe Gilcrest. Since I have read Crystal and Stone I have learned several songs from that CD East Kentucky,is my favorite so far. I live in a small town in Fl, Milton. On Friday evenings at the local coffee shop, several amature pickers, such as myself, get together and pass the microphone. When it was my turn last Friday, I sang East Kentucky. Some stopped playing and just listened but they were all in a daze. Not because of my singing so as the story that it told. When I was finished one fellow asked,"Did you write that"? I told him only one person could write somthing like that, Mickey Newbury. He now has the CD. There is no way that anyone especially me could sing that song or any song like Mickey, but this is my way of keeping Mickeys music alive. I will learn many more before I die.
I am a former Marine and spent 2 tours in Vietnam and don't show much emotion most of the time. But when I sing a Mickey Newbury song no matter where I am or who is in the room, I'm somewhere else lost in the story of the song.
Thank you all again for accepting me.

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