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Author:  Frank Wards
E-mail:  sailat45@aol.com
Date:  7/9/2007 7:33:02 PM
Subject:  I remember when
Message:  I really don't know where to start or if this is even the right place to post this message. I have just finished reading "Crystal and Stone" and much to my embarrasment I had no idea the magnitude of Mickey Newbury.
I would like to share with whoever reads this or if no one reads it I have to put in words how I met Mickey Newbury.
In 1999 I was at the Flora Bama with my life long friend, Jimmie Louis. We grew up in a small town in Kansas, (Paola) together. I was at Boys Town (across from the Flora Bama)and Jimmie said he would like for me to meet someone he respected and admired his name, Micky Newbury. We went to Joe Gilcrests beach house on the west side of the
Flora Bama.When we walked in the house Mickey was sitting at the dining room table with scraps of paper on the table and several small cocktail with writing on them. He had written several songs while enroute to Florida.
He and Jimmie talked for some time mostly about people I didn't know in the music business.Then Mickey wanted Jimmie to sing "Jessie" for him. When he finished there was a silence in the room for what felt like minutes.
I'm not sure how it happened but Mickey,Jimmie and I began to sing gospel songs. Though not in the music business, I have been singing with Jimmie Louis on and off the stage for years. We sang three part harmony for an hour and a half. I have sang harmony with a lot of people and watched them cry and laugh but I have never experienced the blend of voices that we experienced that day. But it was Mickeys voice that created it all.
We left to go the the Bama as Mickey was due on stage soon and I was litterly speachless. All I could think of was how in the world could anyone deliver such a musical message. I thought that would be the most memerable time in my life, but that was only the half of it.
Mickey went on stage that evening sang two songs then shaded his eyes with his hand, looked into the audience and said "Frank are you and Jimmie out there? Would you come up here and lets do some of those songs we did this afternoon". My heart went to my feet with joy, pride and fear,because I had heard him sing.I was so out of my class that I shouldn't be in the same room with him let alone on stage and singing harmony, but I did. The room was dead silent while we sang
which in itself is amazing at the Flora Bama.
When we finished Mickey got a standing ovation. If you have ever been to the Flora Bama you know that gospel is not performed much at all.
What this all boils down to is it was not until I read Crystal and Stone that realize how blessed I was to have had that time with Mr. Mickey Newbury. I live only 45 minutes from the Flora Bama and even the hurricane, though it took away most of the Bama, nothing can take that experience from me.    

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