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Author:  FelixandBarb
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Date:  7/9/2007 7:58:32 AM
Subject:  Re: We made it back alive
Message:  Addison & Michael, You can count on us feeding you at the Songwriters Festival also. We do take Pit Will Travel to Fla. and have something on that pit every day. Anxious to hear your music again but don't be so shy.
We know you had a great experience with Clyde & Gaines. Looking forward to getting to Pearl, Tx. ourselves.
See you in November and be prepared to be amoung the most elite of songwriters and the best of friends you will ever have just like in Austin except ten times more.
We will go to Sam Anderson's in S. Carolina in Sept. to cook maybe we can meet up some where along the road and eat lunch together.
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