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Author:  Toni Jolene
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Date:  7/9/2007 7:07:37 AM
Subject:  Last evening
Message:  I want to give thanks for such a great evening! We had a lovely time last night, with Doug L, Lynn L, and Doug G. Rick & Denise, (Doug's host's for the week) were here. What lovely people! We had a few friends over. Mom and Dad were here...and got to hear Dugger live for the first time. Sweet Bill Littleton joined us. Everyone had a great time...we played from about 5pm until around 11pm. Vic and I throughly enjoyed ourselves. Not being able to make the Gathering this year was tempered by such a great evening with friends. I love these writers...I love their hearts...and I surely love their music. Thank you all...for sharing your hearts and your dreams in melody. You are precious to me.

 Last evening by Toni Jolene at 7/9/2007 7:07:37 AM
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