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Author:  Elton and Sallie
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Date:  7/8/2007 1:37:43 PM
Subject:  Home Again!
Message:  Hello to you all!
This is our first day back on the Porch since we left home for G7 on June 27. It took a while today to get caught up on the news. We made side trips to spend some more time with friends in Llano and Shreveport after leaving Austin, and arrived in Clarksville safe but "zombie-like" late on July 6th. NO rain had fallen in Clarksville since we left. TX and LA got it all!

The "tyranny of the urgent" has had us harvesing tomatoes and beans and mowing, mowing, mowing. At last today we finally got to sit and listen to EGBERT'S WONDERFUL CD!

Thank you Egbert for coming to the Gathering, and for creating such an exquisite work. You and Jonmark and Marie and Jos just shine! You say things and sing things JUST AS I FEEL THEM!

There is no way for us to express the joy we feel when we realize what a wonderful treasure this collection of Porch friends is, and what a gift Mickey continues to bring to all our lives.

We love you all. Jackie and Sam and Erik and Dave and Karen and Egbert, and all who traveled so far to be a part of the event; you add such a special dimension. It was so good to hear that you are all home safe once more.

Roy and Sylvia, Larry and Gale, we'll use your names as the visible "tip of the iceberg" of all the wonderful, generous people who work to make this event a success every year. Thank you!

June works well for us to attend the Gatherings, Roy, and TH-Saturday would be great. Is it too soon to start counting the days until G8?

Sallie and Elton

 Home Again! by Elton and Sallie at 7/8/2007 1:37:43 PM
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