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Author:  erik "the dane"
E-mail:  not available
Date:  7/7/2007 4:54:48 AM
Subject:  safe home!
Message:  So, so tired, could almost kill a cat (not eat this) - sorry all you animals lovers.

Comes from a home with cats!

Safe home-trip with no delays.

Now straight to bed - almost only 2.00 p.m. danish time now (kl. 14.00 in danish).
US 6-8 hour behind.

MAMIE and Pete hopefully get all paper-picture Monday.
HOPE Pete will send the picture cd to Susan, Jim soon (2 picture cd include with paper-picture).
Include total 430-450 picture.

Send to Pete`s address - cheap around dollar 6 - if Fedex could have send maybe 50 dollar????
BUT Fedex can not send to POSTBOX address - lucky for me!

Jonmark soon the picture cds with my picture from Craig, hopefully.

Craig will maybe get his, our "private" picture also around Mondaý.

Thanks for all nice words, support, lovely times together to the Gathering people.
Especially Sam, Jackie, Janet & Craig for the trips together outside town, San Antonio + more.

Thanks for many a nice phone-call to my hotel room Janet and Craig after the Gathering was ending.
"Last man standing".
Was a little "drunk", happy on 4th of July evning alone in my room, sorry Craig.
BUT a left over whisky bottle was mine to share with me.

ALL was gone and I was left!

Much love!

erik "the dane"

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