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Author:  susie g
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Date:  6/20/2007 1:25:08 PM
Subject:  Re: Susie G...
Message:  Lib,
Thank you so much for your post. We are fine. Luckily our home is on the high end of Gainesville, but the devastitation is terrible. There were homes and mobile homes cars almost everything you can think of floating down main street. Roy was right when he said the bank would be closed for 3-4 days. Thats a first. Right now we loadinf up racks, rounders and tables to take to a gathering place for the people who lost everything to replace what they can free of charge. All the surrounding communitites are pulling together. It's such a wonderful thing to come out of something so terible. I'm counting the days to the Gathering and Can't wait to see everyone.. save a lot of hugs for me!!
Susie G

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