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Author:  larry larry
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Date:  6/8/2007 7:19:29 AM
Subject:  Re: Mamie & computer
Message:  Barbara, just watch out for the car with the guys head going through the roof.

Laura Shayne, I love you too, BUT, you ain't kickin this butt for a long time. But I do still remember you throwing an apple from across the room and hitting me. Who raised you? Evidently you didn't get your butt popped enough times. Too late now. Why don't you get our picture that was made last year that your mother loved so much and put it on the wall of her hospital bed to remind her of the gathering and what she is missing?

Dave, you stole my answer to Laura Shayne.

Took all my meds this morning including the new one. I bumped my head on the barn roof. I think it's 12 ft high. i'm going to have to do some modifying. Then on the other hand, it will be nice when Dave calls and wants to meet me for lunch( and pay) one day this summer, it will be easier to put up with him.

I think the last time that happened was when he paid for me and Bud in December about 3-4 years ago. By the way where is Bud?

At the gathering 2 years ago, Bud had a room across the hall. We came out for breakfast about the same time and Suzette said something like " Good morning A**hole". I like to have fell over. For those of you who know Suzette, that was completely out of character for her. I don't think Bud ate because he couldn't get his jaw up off the ground. I think she was still mad about finding water bottles all over the house left by him when he stayed at the house for a few days.

WOW, with the new med added, I could post all summer ( funded by Dave's tax dollars.)


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