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Author:  larry larry
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Date:  6/6/2007 9:55:05 AM
Message:  Thanks for that song title Ron.

The song I really want is called, The Last Letter, a very old song that was popular in my moms day and she would be in her mid ninety's if she were alive, and the record it was on was never an album. I can never spell it right but it was an "ascitate" that had some songs that Mickey never recorded or he recorded them different than what was on this.

Maybe it got lost during the flood at Mamies house. I think I remember her saying that's what might have happened.

Also lost were some reel to reel tapes that go as far back as Mickey's teen years that a friend of mine made cassettes out of many years ago. We had a hard time transfering them because they kept breaking.   I had Mamie ask Mickey what he wanted me to do with them and she said that he said to just " Throw them away.   They ain't worth nothin'."   I thought his kids might want them some day so I gave them back to Mamie. I think they and the cassette we made got lost in the same flood.   I would kill to find my copy somewhere.

I figured Craig would have emailed me the number by now. He has in the past but I can't even find his old email.

see ya in a few weeks.


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