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Author:  jeffD
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Date:  5/25/2007 8:44:11 AM
Subject:  Re: Tiger By The Tail....
Message:  I'm afraid I don't have the inside track to either Mrs. Bush. We did have a similar thing happen this year in the Beaverton school district (near Portland). Thara Memory, a well-known local jazz trumpet player, offered to start a class at the high school that is an arts magnet school. Lots of kids signed up. They loved it. The "A" jazz band at the school got invited to play at national high school jazz band competition held at Carnegie Hall. That was amazing since it was the first year for the program and most of the invitees were from long-established programs.
So what happened? The school decided they had to replace Thara as teacher because he didn't have a teaching degree so he wasn't "qualified" to teach.
Go figure.

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