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Author:  Texas Granny
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Date:  12/8/2003 10:46:27 AM
Subject:  Re: Why Mickey didn't get played
Message:  Susie,
A lot of people could see it happening but were powerless to stop it.

WBAP was a home-owned station in Fort Worth that kicked its power up to 50,000 watts at night and Bill Mack, who had created a persona known as the "Midnight Cowboy," could be heard all the way to Canada and even in some South American countries.

Bill played new artists and a lot of old artists and played his listener's requests. If someone requested a song he did not have at the station he would look at his extensive home library and bring the song to the station the next night.

A company in New York bought the Fort Worth radio station, the newspaper and the TV station.    

Then a playlist was released to the radio DJs. If a song was not on that playlist it had better not go out over the airwaves.

Bill Mack refused to abide by a playlist. He was fired.

Years later, after a few changes in company owners, Bill was rehired and the character he had created, The Midnight Cowboy, was again riding the radio airwaves across the land. I know that he occasionally played some of Mickey's songs.

When Bill retired a couple of years ago, the company informed him that they had registered his nom de microphone, and he would not be allowed to publicly utter the words Midnight and Cowboy together...ever.

The character he created and spent about 40 years developing belonged to the radio station.

At least Mickey walked away from this business while he still owned his own name.

Bill is ok also. He is now the "Satellite" Cowboy on XM Satellite Radio.      

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