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Author:  Meeks
E-mail:  meeks
Date:  5/10/2007 8:53:47 PM
Subject:  Re: promotional record I have...please see below
Message:  Interesting. I've never seen the promo copy you talk about, but I had a similar situartion. I found a promo copy of 'Live At Montezuma Hall (without Looks Like Rain. Cost to me was 70.00 in a used record store in Nashville. Mamie Newbury has it now. I also had a Quadrophonic LP of Frisco Mabel Joy and Mamie has that now also. Seemed that she should have them.

Thanks for coming into the fold here. Most folks stay and we are glad to have you. Anybody that is addicted to Mickey Newbury music belongs here although there is no known cure. Most of us are glad of that.


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