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Author:  Jim
E-mail:  hugmud@earthlink.net
Date:  5/9/2007 7:26:47 AM
Subject:  promotional record I have...please see below
Message:  Hi, I'm looking for a possible CD of a Mickey Newbury promo double-album I was given by a radio station while I was working there as a newsguy in 1973. This means the world to me. It features a brown-black sort of mosaic cover art...has Mickey's name in light blue, with Live at Montezuma Hall/Looks Like Rain underneath in gold. There's a black circular label with "promotion copy not for sale" around the perimeter...and then it lists four songs under "suggested airplay".

This album is perhaps the most cherished I have. My first wife loved it, and I had to trade her a ton of other music to keep it when we divorced. It was worth every note to make sure I kept it. The incredible music...well, let's just say it did me very well during my ensuing bachelorhood. But it also helped me when I first started dating my wife of...ten years next month.

I've taken extremely good care of this album, but it has a few unavoidable scratches. I'd love nothing more than to get a CD of this for her for our 10th anniversary. I've seen "Live at Montezuma Hall" listed on websites but have yet to find a place to buy it. Then again, I just startes looking this morning...sorry for the run-on letter, I work 12-hour rotating shifts and just don't have a lot of time to search for anything or email anyone. Good gosh, I've rambled on, sorry! Please let me know what's available on CD                 

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