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Author:  Judy C
E-mail:  bellavim714@aol.com
Date:  4/29/2007 1:01:20 PM
Subject:  Re: Shayne Dolan
Message:  With a very heavy heart and tears rolling down my face this is very sad news. Not just for me but for the world, Shayne was a great lady, Mickey loved her with all his heart. Everyone did that met her, you couldn't help yourself.

Yes, Laura Shayne is named after her. Laura had never met her namesake so when Laura came to visit me I took her over to meet Shayne. I will never forget Shayne opening the door and Laura Shayne RUNNING into her arms. I can't put into words right now how that felt but it is something I will never forget. You could just feel Mickey in the room. I wish I could post the pictures I have of them together that day. Laura Shayne had just bought a new guitar the day before and she was so excited to show it and play it for Shayne. Shaynes eyes glazed over as she listened to her namesake play in the very chair her father had played in at her house. As we where leaveing Shayne put her arms around me and said "thank you my friend for this you will never know what you have just given me. I love you."

It was a magical few hours.......

RIP my friend, I love you too. Give our pal a big hug from me would you?

With love and sadness,
Judy C.

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