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Author:  Sallie and Elton
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Date:  4/29/2007 11:27:24 AM
Subject:  Shayne Dolan
Message:  We just noticed an obituary in our Clarksville paper for Shayne Dolan (died on April 27 at the home of her friends, Zoot and Kitten Parker). She is the widow of Tom Dolan, who died in 1976. She will be buried in a private service at 10:00 AM Monday in Clarksville, TN in Greenwood Cemetery. McReynolds-Nave Funeral Home is handling the arrangements.

Laura Shayne--am I right that you are named for her?

The line from Mickey's song...SHADES OF '63...on LULLED CD..
"I think I want to be alone today--Ol' Tom Dolan passed away, and the sky is cold and gray--I am not much company.. I think I want to be alone."

Elton and I talked with Mickey about Tom Dolan after one of his shows--after he had learned that we were from Clarksville. He told us then how much he thought of both of them. I just learned from the obit that she actually was born in our hometown, Hopkinsville, KY!!


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