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Author:  MrBeve
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Date:  12/6/2003 8:33:21 AM
Subject:  Re: P.S.
Message:  Thanks Bud. I'll put my old computer back together over the Christmas break. It went down a while back. The rest of the old boards are stored on it and I'll try to upload as many as possible to http://www.mickeysmessageboards.com .
I'm still hosting but not actively seeking new customers. I went back to my roots and am building schools again. During the past year I finished 1 in Mobile, 80% of the new Blount High School in 8-mile (Mobile) and have started a new High School in Choctaw County - Butler Al. I'll be there for about 1-1/2 years but I return to Pensacola every weekend and am living on my sailboat. I purchased Darrel Roberts' 33ft Choey Lee. I'll visit the porch every weekend and see what's up.

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