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Author:  Sallie N.
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Date:  4/26/2007 7:33:36 PM
Subject:  Re: You don't have basements down South?
Message:  We have big sink holes on the campus of my university here in Clarksville. One fell in the middle of a street last year. You can stand in one of the buildings and watch water just pouring under it when we get a big rain.

You can hear water dripping into SOMETHING when you are on the elevator...I don't want to know what is under that building!!The funniest thing is that one of the main streets that ALWAYS floods is named Drane!!

Yes this is the same university that lost about 100 trees when an F5 tornado hit downtown Clarksville about 5 years ago--in January, no less. I imagine a lot of dogs get named Toto around here. I just hope we don't blow away before Austin. I want to see all of ya'll again!!!

Sallie (and Elton) too!

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