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Author:  FelixandBarb
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Date:  4/25/2007 1:06:09 PM
Subject:  Home At Last
Message:  After spending a week on the Perdido Key at the week long Birthday Party for Joe Gilchrist, Reneda Cross and Cass Hunter we finally have settled in back at home. Glad to report that Randall is making a little progress but still very sick. Thanks to everyone for prayers and continued support.
We spent a great amount of time with Chris Newbury last week and we are here to tell you that when you hear him perform at the Gathering he is going to blow you away with his Dad's music. When he played no one wanted him to stop. He absolutely puts you under a spell.
Well, the Gathering is just around the corner and we are already getting prepared for it. Working up menues and yes Memasue we will have cornbread with our red beans this year. If anyone would like to help again this year we will have a sheet for time schedules the same as last year. That worked out great and we really appreciated all the help.
Sylvia, sorry about the loss in your family and hoping you do get to meet your cousin Randall some day soon.
Love to all,
Barb & Felix

 Home At Last by FelixandBarb at 4/25/2007 1:06:09 PM
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