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Author:  BarbraG
E-mail:  roynnbarb@aol.com
Date:  4/20/2007 9:26:11 PM
Subject:  Re: Planes, Greyhounds & Automobiles
Message:  Hi JonMark,
That was the most amazing trip I just took with you because of the vivid way you portrayed every bit of it. I can assure you that I will read it again. You do have a wonderful gift for writing so that the one reading feels as if they are right there with you,   all the way.   I even took off along with you toward the front of the bus when the couple decided to start a family...
good grief....when they say "Go Greyhound", it doesn't exactly conjure up a scene like that in my mind, although I do love to "go greyhound" once in a while. I like the feeling I get when I see the bus driver get on board and I can see years of driving experience in his persona. So glad that you were able to visit those memories and memoires again.

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