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Author:  Felix & Barb
E-mail:  catandbarb@earthlink.net
Date:  4/9/2007 10:46:21 AM
Subject:  Felix's Brother
Message:  Please pray for Felix's brother, Randall. He has had a very difficult life with crippling arthuritis and in the past several years he has had numerous surgeries to correct circulation problems such as removing his left leg above the knee. He has had numerous surgeries for vein bypasses. Now his poor little body is so tired. He was put in the hospital on March 22 and he is slowly slipping away from us. He has battled staff infection for about a year now. His body is not responding to anything now.
Randall turned 73 last Wednesday and didn't even know it. Just sleeps quitely. What a wonderful person always with a simle and everyones best friend.
The Doctors have said his time is soon. So sad but yet there will be no more suffering.
Please be with Felix as he is taking this very hard.
Love to all

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