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Author:  Craig
E-mail:  not available
Date:  4/6/2007 8:21:15 PM
Subject:  Re: Bobbie
Up until their 14th birthday, they are a perfect angel. Once they reach that age they turn into a "she-devil".

If you think back to that time in your lives (or even look at your life now for that matter) your friends have more influence on you than your parents ever did...or do even today.

As parents, here's the deal. There was a mother once, let's refer to her as Mother England. She had an unruly child called The Colonies that wanted it's independence. Mother England and The Colonies fought tooth and nail, neither one wanted to give an inch. Finally, in the end, they both went their separate ways. It took many years and even another spat before either one was able to forgive the other.

Mother England had another child called India. India wanted it's independence as well. This time, Mother England said, "Let us help you." No fighting, no hard feelings, they both had a common goal and accomplished it . Their relationship remained amiable and intact.

As a parent, it is our choice to decide which "Mother England" we want to be.


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