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Author:  charlie
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Date:  4/6/2007 3:47:33 AM
Subject:  mick on pbs
Message:  KLRU, the Austin pbs station, ran a fundraiser this week...the TCB band that backed Elvis has done a tour with Elvis on the big screen. Ronny Tut took his vocals from the Hawaii concert and some from Vegas and figured out a way to play them back in realtime along with the LIVE band and vidio of back then...it was truly cool to see thousands of kids that were not even born yet, when Elvis sang his part, standing on thier feet as a tape of Elvis and the live band, with James Burton and all the original players...vidio of then(young)and now (grey and or bald)hahaha as he starts with just him and Burton...Oh I wish I was in the land of cotten...the biggest best production, better than the original Elvis cut of Micks Trilogy. Hope it plays in yalls area. Mickey reached out and touched me several times this week, Jerry Lee Lewis popped up in the middle of my twisting radio knobs with She Even Woke Me Up, another fundraiser is on Jerry Lee and may have a Newbury cut or two, I missed a lot of that one and I really could not belive my ears when another station played Roger Miller singing Swiss Cottage Place, Hon it may get cold in St. Lou......it's like five am can't sleep, went out to smoke a blank...no breeze to speak of..windchimes of the front porch went off. Mickey always had a way of making others feel better even when his deal was headed south..and he is still doing it through all of those great song-stories=beautiful heart things he left us, hope you all hear him today. Check your local listings for the Evis deal, it's way cool.

 mick on pbs by charlie at 4/6/2007 3:47:33 AM
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