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Author:  charlie
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Date:  4/4/2007 12:22:50 AM
Subject:  Re: We Lost A Friend
Message:  Pottsies' favorite saying was "If ya want a friend, buy a dog!" I've heard him use that on club owners more than once...and he never failed to get the big bucks! I just saw Linda a few days ago at David Zetteners remberence, at the old movie set, and from what she said I thought he was gonna get better....Larry ran the only golf course that ever let pickers play through for FREE. I'm rambling again.....I met Larry when I was a teenager and he was always REAL...and treated Mick like a king whenever he was at the hill visiting Willie....Hillbilly heaven is busting at the seams, some of us need to stick around awhile longer, take care of yourself pal, Love to Larrys' family and Love to the porch from Austin, Charlie

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