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Author:  Joe Z
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Date:  3/10/2007 6:08:34 PM
Subject:  Re: Complete your CD set(s)
From C&S:

“Live In England” was culled from Mick’s twenty-one-day tour of England in 1993. Good friend Phil Weedon, English photographer extraordinaire, shot the picture used for the cover. Phil explained, “Returning to England after visiting with Mick at the Flora-Bama, I sent pictures taken of Mick's performance to Bob Rosemurgy to send to Mick. Well Mick liked them enough to want to use them on the forthcoming CD cover. Up to this time I had been a fan of Mick's for over 20 years and had only recently become acquainted with him. So this was an honor indeed.”

“Mick had asked for a picture of the bridge in London to go on the cover with his face over the Thames. I struck lucky first time on a clear, cold morning with the winter sun in the right position over Tower Bridge. We had just got a new computer and, I agreed to design the artwork for the sleeve. It was to be called ‘Live In England.’ I was new to computer graphics but had some background in design. I didn't however count on the foibles of Mickey Newbury. Many a long evening was spent looking through the computer manual and trial and error played a big part.”

“I sent the first draft to Bob via express mail and he sent it to Mick. I can't remember how many times we revised it, seemed like twenty times, but was probably five or six... each expedited by airmail. I recall Mick being very particular with typeface and color of text. The process began to drive me crazy, and there were a few nights when Mick stopped being my ‘hero.’ Finally, he put all my worries to rest, telling me: ‘It's gonna be out there a long time Phil, we should spend the time to get it right.’ Today I try to remember this maxim when impatient clients want things ‘yesterday.’ At last, the final proof was sent. I woke up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat when I realized that I had written ‘Live In London’ on the proof... I rang Bob; it was corrected to ‘England’ and at length I slept well. The original proof with Mick’s signature and a ‘thank you Phil’ proudly hangs above my desk.”

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