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Author:  (RandyD)
E-mail:  RandyNBabyJules@aol.com
Date:  12/1/2003 8:28:59 AM
Subject:  Heroes
Message:       This past Saturday I had a chance to visit with Brother Roy via telephone and in the course of our conversation so many things came to mind. In those moments of sharing with Roy I thought about so many of you in our extended family, and how each of us (hopefully) touches the other in wonderfully, tender ways. In our individual moments when our need is great I am convinced every hug, even from a distance, given and received here, every conversation, every word spoken to encourage and/or comfort, is nothing less than prayer that makes all the difference in all of our lives.

    In recent days I have missed my Mother and Dad terribly. I knew one day they both would rise up on the wings and eagles and go home to be with the Lord, but with every passing day I become even more aware of the presence of their absence. In truth, some days pass so slowly and most nights last longer than I would like. I know each of you understands.

     Since the latter years of my adolesence and for most of my adult life I have been involved in music. As most of you know I was seventeen years old when Mick came into my life. I learned early on from being around Mick and clinging to his every word, while the music business is most often cruel and uncaring, my heroes are and have always been those who labor sometimes long into a thousand lonely nights trying write beautiful, honest songs perhaps no one, but a precious few will ever hear.

     I also learned songs take many shapes. You can hear precious words and melodies from the hearts of heroes in relationships like Pam and Andrew's, PapaJohn and Memasue's, Billy and Eve's, Roy and Sylivia's; phone calls from new/oldfriends/family like Roy, Dave, RandyB, Lib, Judy, Susan, April, Karen, and Virginia; an unexpected CD in the mail from Doug with a post-it-note attached that said "Hang in there pal;" poetry from LarryLarry, an e-mail from Jonmark on the morning of my Dad's funeral; Ron's incredible contribution in memory of Mick; a guitar from Lonesome Charlie, cards sent to me, my Mom and Dad, as well as a koala bear for Jules, from Karen; Una's I-love-you; and Mamie, my Mother-on-loan . This is just a sampling of all that has been and I have a feeling there is so much more in store.

     Undoubtedly I have taken up much space on our new/old board, but I want each of you to know I hear your music loud and clear, and each and every one of you is my hero.


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