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Author:  Charlie
E-mail:  not available
Date:  2/21/2007 1:23:30 AM
Subject:  inspiration
Message:  I have to look at my drivers licence for my zip codes and stuff...how can I ever remember my whatever the dude on the back porch needs me to remember to post back there? Must be to keep out the terrorists huh? Anyhow, someone was talking about "How to get inspired?"...Karen ya can't get there from here, it just happens and always on the way somewhere to do something ya can't be late for...I was talking with Ole Mickey one time about the same deal...songs popping out two or three at a time and being late for the gig or whatever and needing to work on them. Now Karen he may not always be right BUT he is always Mickey! HE said "Thats the inspired time, we don't know where it comes from or where it goes, but its never there all the time for any of us." So "Just write down everything that ~comes down~ as it ~comes down~ and then put it away and get to the gig!" then he laughed a lot and coughed a lot and said "Just forget about em for awhile until ya can't stand it and ya think ya remember what ya wrote down and go back and look at what was inspired......SOMEWHERE IN THERE WILL BE AT LEAST ONE SONG, maybe more but don't waste the ~inspired time~ trying to upstage God, he gives all we need in time." Then he laughed some more and coughed some more and said "I used to be Mickey Newbury!" and I said "Ya still are pal, ya still are.....but yer looking more like Popeye every day hoss!" Don't ya just love those lil star thingies that follow the arrow deal around while your tring to figure out it ya should post or delete? Smiles everyone, Charlie

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