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Author:  Doug
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Date:  2/17/2007 2:06:31 AM
Subject:  Re: Autograph
First, my respect for the Newbury family.
I want to say some things, and I may not
be brief. Forgive me, Jimmie Mac. :-)

I used to come here every day, at least
to the back porch. I've asked myself why
I visit less now. What has transpired?

One hunch is that in my delight in finding
these porches, I may have over-posted. Hints
were given. I made a decision to step back.

Those who know me a little know that I take
the daily struggles of the world seriously.
I've kept a commitment to social justice.

The guidelines against politics and religion
being subjects for comment here were intended
to keep us civil. I work to abide.

Yet, given what is going on around us, not
being able to discuss issues relating
to these subjects feels a bit dishonest.

I use meetings, mail, e-mail and telephone
to communicate with many of you. I see this
forum as balancing the public and personal.

If the goal is keeping Mickey's music alive,
I wonder if we get too personal, such that
new visitors to the site may feel unwelcomed.

That said, I enjoy the banter and humour. Some
things enrich and entertain me, some bore me. Only the mediocre are always at their best.

I love the threads that are about Mickey, his
and others' music, about any number of things
which keep the greater purpose in mind.

I didn't know Mickey. The story I have to tell
is how his inspiration was part of what brought
me back to writing songs. My songs are my story.

The myspace site was started by a member of
Mickey's Oregon family. My efforts there are to
keep it lively, draw people to Mickey's music.

In helping with that site, I've received some
personal attacks in anonymous messages. I know
now who sent them. I hold no grudge.

The Gatherings are crucial to this project we
are involved in here. They have taken root in
Austin. For the greater good, I support them.

My faith is in kindness. These porches and the
gatherings are a kindness, the result of our collective generosity of spirit.

With the blessing of Mickey's surviving family,
we have honoured him. Let's forgive our missteps,
acknowledge what's been accomplished.

Joe wrote a book. Ron made an audio biography.
Cowboy, Toni Jolene and Kacey have released
tribute albums. Those are kindnesses.

The Newbury family has attended four gatherings
since Mickey died. Laura, Susie, Leah and Chris
have sung at those gatherings. Kindnesses.

Mickey's family has embraced his friends. His
friends have embraced those who never met him.
Fans of his music have introduced others to it.

People have come from all over the world to
pay tribute to Mickey. Some have sung his songs,
others have written songs about him.

Others have come because they have a feeling
for Mickey's music, and just wanted to be near
others who felt the same way.

Some of us have died. Bear with me, Jimmie.
Some of us have neared death and recovered.
Some of us have simply gone away.

Some of us have come back to read the porches.
Some of us post once in a while, or often.
Some of us wish we could shake that rusty chain.

Some of us are ill right now.
Some of us need to forgive, be forgiven.
All of us need to learn to whistle.

"Mocking died thinkin' his friend done him
wrong / And little blue robin never found
Mocking's song / When somebody's wrong, boys,
somebody must pay / That's why the little
red robin is blue to this day..."

He made such beautiful music. I still listen.
I know him in my own humble way, as each of
you do, be you family, friend, or fan.

It's how this all began. How it can begin
again. There are seasons. We're wintering now.
I just peeked out and saw my shadow.


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