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Author:  Lib
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Date:  2/17/2007 12:06:48 AM
Subject:  RE: autograph,etc.
Message:  Roy,
I was confused only by the original post offering to sell the autograph and then the same person's post that selling the autograph was not the original intent...
The one thing I am never confused about is my love and admiration for the people who rock on this porch...of which you are in an integral part. I have said before,I must live in the dark as I am unaware of the reasons for hurt feelings and discontent. I don't have alot to offer in this forum...I possess no talent in music or poetry or writing, in general.I am ,pure and simple, a fan of the man and his music and I have come to treasure each of you here as my friends and family, even though that may seem naive.If my prayers are all that I can offer to you, that is something you will always have.

Thank you to all of you for allowing me to be a part of this group even in a minor way.

May the Lord Bless you all.

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