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Author:  Roy
E-mail:  armstead_2000@yahoo.com
Date:  2/16/2007 11:30:00 PM
Subject:  Re: Autograph
Message:  Guess my train jumped the tracks. So many times one subject here, and on the back porch, starts out about one things and then morfs into something different. I guess I mis-read Jackie's original post and as I followed the responses down the thread the subject matter changed from Mickey's autograph to autographs in general...that's when I made my initial post. Going back and reading those posts again, I can see where some folks could get confused. I know I was as I took the side track to another town.

Let's visit the problem of hurt feelings on this porch. I admit I have been behind some of the posts that should not have been made. I have said my sorrys and I really feel that the individuals who objected to my posts and I have mended our fences. I don't know of any families who never have a problem...this family has the love inside to overcome almost anything.

What's missing??? The one thing that brought us all close together while Mickey was alive and after he was gone was the "Live Chat"...or "The Pool" as Susan Williamson named it. We spent hours talking about every subject you could think of. It was where the seed for Gathering III was sowed and watered and nurtured and grew to be a reality. Maybe we burned out...but it would be wonderful if we could light that fire again.

We were invaded several times by folks who had a strange sense of humor...who cast stones and we took it as an attack on both this Porch and Mickey. Steps have been taken to see that if that should ever happen again, the individual can be tracked.

At this time we are all praying for the recovery of one of the most loved individuals who ever rocked on this Porch. Ron's illness has been a blow to all who know him and love him. It makes the petty things that upset some here pale in comparison. This Porch Prayer Wheel is one of the most powerful I've ever been involved with and I'm living proof that it can bring back the darn near dead...not once but twice. I'm not sure I would be alive today without the prayers of this Porch.

Our job here is to make people aware of Mickey Newbury...one person at a time. The Gatherings have grown each year...reaching new levels and many new people last year. This year will be bigger and better.

"Do what you can to keep my music alive."

Mickey Newbury...September 27th, 2002

That's the next to last thing he ever said to me.
"I Love You", was the last thing.

If in my efforts to do what he asked, if I have hurt any feelings...I'm sorry.

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