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Author:  Alaska Shirley
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Date:  2/9/2007 6:19:23 PM
Subject:  From My Heart to Yours
Message:  WOW - thank you for the well wishes; I do feel the love from my "family on the porch".
January 31
I was having mild pain in my jaw, throat and chest so decided it best I call 911 and let the cute EMT’s check me out. I spent 2 days/1 night in the hospital after an angiogram was done. The test showed some by mysterious “thingies” attached to the 1999 bypass.   The bad thing is that it was my Mother's 86th birthday and I had to miss her pizza party and a night of bingo. lol   Below is the update:

February 6
I saw my cardiologist today for a follow up consultation. He was still scratching his head as I left his office. Lol
Rather than make a rash decision as to what the angiogram showed, he needs to consult with his colleague (on vacation) who saw me in the hospital; he will review past and present angiograms. There is a possibility I will have a MRI to see detailed images of my heart and blood flow. He did say that if blood is escaping from the existing bypass it may be necessary to block it off and redo.
On Wednesday I will have an ABI to check the pulse in my right ankle. I have an appointment on the 23rd to learn the results.

Here is what Sweet Bree wrote to me and I think she has diagnosed my heart problem: “Maybe your heart is so full of love it’s just expanding to keep up”. My heart is full of love for each and every one of you.
I am feeling fine and will be okay – I have things to do, places to go and people to see!!! This is just another small stepping stone on my walk through life. See ya'll in June....
Big ol' bear hugs to all from the north - Shirley

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