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Author:  Randy B
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Date:  1/25/2007 8:19:00 AM
Subject:  Re: Interesting saying
Message:  In my genealogy studies, I found that there in my bloodline, way back somwhere, there was a drop of Cherokee blood. Out of interest,I reasearched the tribe and their customs, finding that they practiced canniblism. "Traders on Cherokee land when captured would be skewed from behind, with a skewer wrapped in bacon. When the bacon was done, it was time to eat." Now, speaking of Indians, Dave seems to have found a way to tomahawk all incoming emails. After trying several times to appease his new spam stopper,praying to the "Great Spirit", and holding my toungue just right. I gave up trying to send him email. I have since placed the curse of "Ugawalla", an old Cherokee curse that causes a spirit to chased the rest of his days by many fierce warriors,on him. It seems to be working. In the last picture I got before he shut me out, they appeared to have taken his scalp.

Whoop, whoop, whoop from the Panhandle

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